Nail pops in your drywall can be unsightly and bothersome. When it comes to drywall repair, nail pop is one of the most frequent things we encounter. These imperfections can be both open and closed. Sometimes, the nail barely pushes through the drywall, creating a slight bump or blister. Other times the nail can work its way through the drywall completely, breaking through any joint compound and leaving an unsightly hole. But what causes them?

The most common reason for nail pop is shifting and structure movement. Your home is constantly moving and shifting even though you can’t feel or see it. The ground your home sits on constantly vibrates, causing structure movement. The nail that fastens the drywall to the structure, slowly becomes loose and works it way through the joint compound that hides the drywall nail. Improper drywall installation is another common reason for nail pop. Any gaps can create the perfect environment for nail pop over time.

It is important to repair your drywall, properly, to minimize any similar problems in the future. If you have more questions about nail pop in your drywall and what can be done to repair it, please let us know by contacting us or giving us a call.